City Operating Boards & Commissions

  1. Beautification & Municipal Forest Commission

    The Municipal Forest Commission controls and administers the local and municipal forests and is responsible for all beautification efforts.

  2. Community Policy & Management Team Board

    The Community Policy and Management Team manages the cooperative effort in each community to better serve the needs of troubled and at-risk youths and their families and to maximize the use of state and community resources.

  3. Economic Development Authority

    The Industrial Development Authority manages property and projects for the purpose of encouraging economic development and creating jobs.

  4. Fire Department Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is charged with the administration of the Fire Fund and accepting donations to the Fire Department.

  5. School Board

    The Radford School Board is independently elected to manage the education of Radford’s youth.

  6. Social Services Board

    The Social Services Board manages and administers the local department of Social Services.