Real Estate

The Commissioner of the Revenue Office is responsible for maintaining Radford City’s real estate information necessary for accurate taxation. This includes preparing an annual real estate land book, making changes from documents recorded by the Clerk of Circuit Court (deeds, plats, wills, etc.) and maintaining all property tax records. Real Estate is assessed at 100% fair market value by an independent assessing company every four years. Property is assessed as of January 1st.

Radford City Council sets the tax rate each year. Real Estate tax payments are billed in two installments. The first payment is due on June 5th of each year, and the second on December 5th.
  1. Real Estate Records

    Find detailed real estate records and search through available real estate cards.

  2. Real Estate Tax Relief

    The Real Estate Tax Relief Program, administered by the Commissioner of the Revenue Office, is a benefit provided by the City to give Radford City homeowners a 100% exemption for homeowners over 65 years of age or those who are disabled.

  3. Rehabilitation & Land Use

    Discover information on rehabilitation tax credits available through the state and federal governments, and land use laws enacted by the State of Virginia.