Administrative Services

  1. City Manager

    The City Manager’s Office is committed to providing the leadership, initiative and direction necessary to provide quality services in a supportive and innovative environment.

  2. Director of Elections

    Find election information provided by the Registrar's office.

  3. Finance

    The Finance Department consists of the Accounting and Utility Billing Division, and it oversees the development and administration of the municipal budget.

  4. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department provides responsible and innovative programs that maintain an effective, efficient and motivated workforce committed to customer service.

  5. Public Information

    Radford's Office of Public Information serves as a liaison between citizens, the media and the City's many departments.

  6. Social Services

    Radford City Department of Social Services is an agency of 13 full-time and 2 part-time employees offering quality services to the community.

  7. Treasurer

    Find helpful information from the Treasurer's Office and useful resources for completing payments.