Cut Off for Nonpayment of Bill
If your utility service is scheduled for disconnection for nonpayment of the bill, you will need to pay the amount due and a $25 delinquent collections fee. If there is no deposit securing your account you will have to pay the required deposit amount before service can be restored.

Also, if your deposit was waived because you had a letter of credit from a previous utility company or you have a guarantor, you will be required to pay the full deposit because your credit history is no longer acceptable.

Equal Payment Plan
Any residential or small general service consumer who has had utility service with the city for at least 1 year will be eligible to enroll in an equal payment plan. Equal payments will apply to all services on the consumer’s account and once enrolled, the consumer must remain on the plan for at least 1 year, unless the account is closed.

The required monthly payment will be calculated using the average charge for each utility service over the past 12 months. At the end of the 12 month cycle the city may recalculate the required equal payment adjusting it up or down. Any overpayment will be applied to the account and any underpayment will become due and payable with the 12th monthly billing under the plan.

If an account under the equal payment plan becomes delinquent at any time, the entire balance will immediately become due and payable and must be paid in full before the consumer will be allowed to resume under the equal payment plan.

Paying Your Bill
You may pay your bill at the Treasurer’s office in the Municipal Building, you may mail your payment in the self-addressed envelope provided or you can pay online by using the online payment option, which can be accessed on the website under Online Services.

Also there is a drop-box at the side door of the Municipal Building. Make checks payable to Radford City Treasurer. Any questions concerning payments need to be directed to the Treasurer’s office. You may call the Treasurer’s office at 540-731-3661.