Read Your Bill

Your utility bill has 2 parts:
  • The top is the stub that you return with your payment
  • The bottom part to keep for your records
Top Portion
Looking at the stub first, our name, address and telephone number appear in the top left hand corner. Located below our information will be:
  • Bill Number
  • Customer Number
  • Account Number
  • Bill Date
  • Due Date
  • Balance Forward
  • Current Charges
  • Balance Due Now
Any information that may affect your account and/or service is listed in the comments section on the back of your utility bill.

Bottom Portion
On the bottom portion our name and address appear on the left side and below is the customer name and service address followed by the:
  • Bill Number
  • Customer Number
  • Account Number
  • Bill Date
  • Actual Bill Days
  • Due Date For the Current Charges
In the boxes below will be the:
  • Service Description
  • Previous and Current Read Dates
  • Previous and Current Meter Readings
  • The Read Code (A-Actual Read, E-Estimated, M-Manual Read, F-Final Read)
  • Usage and Charges For Each Service
  • Utility Taxes and Any Nonmetered Services
Usage Calculations
The difference in the current and previous readings is the usage for that billing period. Electric service usage is measured in kilowatt-hours and water is measured in gallons. For example, if usage for electric is 643, that means you used 643 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Water usage is measured in hundreds, so if water usage is 25 then you used 2,500 gallons of water.

Sewer “usage” is determined by the number of gallons of water used. Please note that if the amount due is not paid by the due date you will need to add the late charge of 5% to the amount due. Services are subject to disconnection if payment on current charges are not received on or before the tenth day following the due date without further notice.

Your customer service representative will provide a utility rate sheet (PDF) when you open your account. This will be helpful in calculating the charges on the bill. If you do not receive one, please contact our office.