Library Procedures

Any behavior that is disruptive to library use is prohibited.

Circulation Procedures
All materials, except movies and music, may be loaned for a two-week period and may be renewed for two additional two-week periods. Renewals may be made in person, by telephone, or online. Extended checkouts of six weeks will be made available to allow teachers and people with special circumstances to check out initially with longer checkout periods. This extension is a privilege and is not extended to new items, items on hold or media. Items on the New Book shelf may be renewed just once, and no item that has a reserve will be renewed at all. Holiday books may be limited in season. Borrowers may be limited to four items on a particular subject if the collection is small in that area; exceptions will be granted as needed. Magazines will check out except for the most current issue and reference magazines. In some cases, Reference material and items in the library’s local history Special Collection may be checked out overnight to a registered library user for research purposes upon request.


The Radford Public Library supports the work of teachers and hopes to encourage the use of the library’s resources in order to enrich the lives of their students. To that end, teachers and parents who homeschool their children and present documentation from the state of Virginia verifying their status as a teacher will be awarded a Teacher card. This teacher card will be Fine Free. Damaged and missing item fees still apply. Items on hold will be recalled and the teacher must return to the library within three days. Items checked out on the Teacher card, excluding movies and music, will be given a 6 week checkout period.

Collections Agency
The library contracts with Unique Management, a professional service that prompts library users to return their overdue materials. Patrons who have items that are overdue 90 days will be entered into the Unique Management system. UM uses a library specific technique. Their process is explained on their website,  “The Gentle Nudge® process is a 120-day series of letters, calls, skip tracing, and credit reporting designed exclusively for libraries. Our careful use of third party leverage, coupled with an awareness of patron sensitivity, provides excellent results with no loss of patron goodwill.”

A charge of ten cents per day is made for each library day that a book or any library material is overdue after a four-day grace period. The maximum fine per item is $3.00, except for paperbacks that have a maximum fine of $0.25. The maximum fine to any individual patron at one time is $10.00 when all items are returned. Fines are not intended to be punitive nor to limit access to the library collection, but to discourage abuse of borrowing privileges. Borrowers who have items that are three months or more overdue will be denied borrowing privileges until all items are returned or have been paid for by the borrower.

Damaged Books
Books that are lost or damaged beyond repair will result in a fee being charged to the borrower in the amount of the cost of the material or a standard replacement cost for a similar title. For books that are damaged but repairable, the borrower will be charged an appropriate repair cost.

No library material shall be restricted, unless it is a reference book or part of the library’s Special Collection.

In accordance with the American Library Association’s “Policy on Confidentiality of Records,” library employees shall be advised that circulation records and other records identifying the names of library users are confidential. These records shall not be made available to any agency of federal, state, or local government, or any individual except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to, federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power. The library shall resist the issuance or enforcement of any such process, order, or subpoena until such time as a proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction. Parents of minor children who are responsible for materials checked out on their children’s cards may have access to information on overdue items on those cards.

Closing Procedure
Please be aware that all patrons must be out of the library by the designated closing time. Patron computers will turn off ten minutes before closing. Please check out your items prior to this time.

Reference Procedures
The Radford Public Library will provide as current and complete a reference collection as possible, giving limitations of budget, and the staff will search all questions of this nature. When answers or information are not found in library sources, other avenues shall be investigated, including the Library of Virginia, electronic resources, other area libraries, and interlibrary loan.

The library will charge return postage to library users who receive interlibrary loan material.