Unattended Children & Disruptive Patrons

The Library Board and the staff of the Radford Public Library hope that all children who use our facility find it to be a comfortable and inviting place to be. The library offers regular programs for children and encourages the love of reading. However, the happiness and safety of young children left alone at the library can be a serious concern. Children who are left unattended at the library can become bored, frightened, or disruptive.


While we hope that all children who use our facility find it comfortable and educational, the safety of young children left alone in the library is a serious concern. They are vulnerable to predatory adults and in danger of leaving the library without the guidance of a responsible adult. The following rules are designed to address these concerns for children in a responsible manner:
  1. Parents, guardians, or assigned chaperones are responsible for their children while they are in the library. Library staff assumes no responsibility for the care of minors. Children 9 years and younger should not be left unattended at the library.
  2. When library staff is unable to locate parents whose children are left in violation of this policy, the police department will be contacted for a referral to social services. Staff will not contact the police department for children younger than 10 who enter the library with their parent’s or guardian’s permission and are not disruptive.
  3. Under no circumstances will staff transport children in a vehicle or accompany them home.
  4. Older children and adolescents who come to the library without a parent or guardian are welcome for appropriate use of the library. Vandalism and any behavior disruptive to library use is prohibited. Library staff is directed to call the police if any library user behaves in a way that threatens the safety of others.
  5. Violators of library behavior rules may be asked to leave the library and library grounds, may be sent home with a letter requiring a conference with the parent or guardian, may be required to come to the library only under the supervision of a parent or guardian, or, in the most serious case, may be banned from the library for a period of time.

Disruptive Adults
Please note that the Library reserves the right to direct unaccompanied adults to other areas of the Library when their presence is not specifically tied to the use of materials in the youth areas, their presence might intimidate youth from using the areas, or their presence restricts access to furniture when the areas are heavily used.

When in the library, children under 10 years of age should be in their parent or guardian’s line of sight at all times. The library is a public building and while we hope that our youngest patrons are safe in our facility, it is up to you to ensure the safety of your child. If you have any questions please call the library at 540-731-5527.