Download music the legal way! Radford Public Library Card holders will now be able to access songs from the Sony Music Entertainment catalog at no charge! You can download up to 3 Sony Music tracks in mp3 format per week from Freegal Music, and you’ll only need a library card number and PIN to get started. These songs are yours to keep! And now the library has added 3 hours of streaming time each day for each patron. Patron’s card must be current and free of fines.
Freegal Logo
Free and Legal
Why is it called Freegal? It’s a combination of words explaining what it is: free and legal music! Freegal is a downloadable music service, similar to iTunes and Amazon MP3, that gives patrons access to hundreds of thousands of songs, over 100 genres of music, and more than 50 record labels, all without having to download software or worry about digital rights management (DRM) issues.

Online Access
Access is limited to Radford Public Library Accounts in good standing with the library. There are 3 ways to access Freegal:
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