America's News

America's News provides access to current and archived content, including obituaries from more than 2,000 newspaper titles, as well as news wires, transcripts, business journals, periodicals, government documents and other publications.  Remote access is available to Radford Public Library Patrons.

Search by State

After clicking on a state, a list of available sources is displayed. Check the boxes for the specific sources you want to search or click on the title to search a single source. You can also use the Source Types tab to choose the types of sources that you want to include in your search. Check or uncheck the boxes to include or exclude a specific Source Type. Follow these options to complete your search:
  • Click the name of a state in the list or its image on the map to get a list of all available sources from that state
  • Search all sources across the country or check the states you want to search
  • Select a whole region
  • Search a specific newspaper
  • Research a topic or issue: terrorism, virus and vaccination, gun control, aids, cloning, the Nobel prize, etc.
  • Search for a book review
  • Search for a recipe

America’s Obituaries and Death Notices

The largest and most comprehensive collection of newspaper obituaries and death notices. Extensive editorial review of all newspaper sections ensures thorough selection of obituaries for easy access. An easy-to-use interface allows searching by name, date range, or text such as institutional name, social affiliation(s), geographic location(s), philanthropic activities, etc.

America’s News

With unmatched U.S. news content from local, regional, and national sources, this resource is the largest of its kind. Its diverse source types include printed and online newspapers, blogs, journals, news wires, broadcast transcripts and videos. Explore a specific issue or event through the detailed coverage provided by local reporting or compare a wide variety of viewpoints from across the country on topics such as politics, business, health, sports, cultural activities and people.

Find a Topic

Find information related to business, education, the environment, health, international issues, careers, leisure activities (book reviews), politics and government including 2016 Presidential Election, social issues, sports and technology.