Recreation Center 

May 29th - Sept 4th, 2017
Monday - Thursday 6am-10pm
Friday 6am-6pm
Saturday 8am-5pm
Sunday 1pm-8pm

**NO Day Passes (for non-members) sold an hour and a half before Closing time.**
No passes sold after these times
8:30pm Monday-Thursday
:30pm on Fridays
3:30pm on Saturdays
6:30pm on Sunday

Dixie Ozone Baseball Tournament - Veteran's Field - Radford, Va

Dixie Ozone Tournament Brackets

​July 4th "Spirit of America" Celebration - Bisset Park Radford, Va 

July 4th Information

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The Radford Recreation Center will be CLOSED ALL DAY on Tuesday July 4, 2017 in observance of Independence Day. Come join us in Bisset Park for the "Spirit of America" July 4th Celebration starting at 2pm. For more information, visit our website  or call (540) 731-3633. Hope to see you there! 

Senior Center​
Radford Senior Center is looking for a volunteer to teach basic knitting to senior citizens age 50 and up.  Interested participants, please contact Audrey Caldwell at 731-5517.
Radford Senior Center is interested in starting a book club at Radford Senior Center.  Please contact Audrey Caldwell at 731-5517 for further information. 

Bisset Park

Come join us for the Radford City "Spirit of America" July 4th Celebration in beautiful Bisset Park in Radford, Va. Hope to see you there! For more information, please call (540) 731-3633 or visit our website at .            

July 4th 2017

Shelter Reservations
Bisset Park, Gazebo & Riverview Park Shelter Reservations will start for Radford Residents at 9am on Wednesday March 1, 2017. First come first serve. Non-Resident Reservations start April 1, 2017.  *Riverview Park Shelter has a Max Capacity of 20 people.* You must come to the Radford Recreation Center in person to reserve a park shelter.  No reservation by mail, email or phone will be accepted. 

Shelter Reservations Fees:
Weekday - Half day - 9am-3pm/4pm-9pm - $20.00
Weekday - All day - 9am-9pm - $30.00
Weekend - Half day - 9am-3pm/4pm-9pm - $30.00
Weekend - All day - 9am-9pm - $40.00

Weekday - Half day -
9am-3pm/4pm-9pm - $30.00
Weekday - All day - 9am-9pm - $50.00
Weekend - Half day - 9am-3pm/4pm-9pm - $40.00
Weekend - All day - 9am-9pm - $60


Radford City Council approved an agreement with the Town of Christiansburg which will allow Radford Residents with current Recreation Department ID's to swim at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center FREE of charge from January 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017 on a trial basis during regular operating hours. Please check availability of hours before arrival. Patrons must present their Radford Recreation Department ID card at the Aquatic Center.  If you have lost your ID card, a new one may be purchased for $5.00. All Christiansburg Aquatic Center rules and regulations apply. Please call the Christiansburg Aquatic Center (540) 381-7665 for swim times. For more information, please call the Radford Recreation Center at (5400 731-3633.

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