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Bike Lanes

Line layer of designated bike lanes on City roads.

Bike Trails

Line layer of paved bike trails within City limits.

City Boundary

Polygon layer of corporate boundary

2 ft. Contours
2 foot contour lines are derived from 2011 LiDAR data.

20 ft. Contours

20 foot contour lines are derived from 2011 LiDAR data.

Digital Elevation Model

Flood Plain

Fire Hydrants


Mountain Bike Park

Located on Radford property outside city limits. Trails are established and maintained by volunteers.

Parks & Recreation

Multiple layers of park boundaries, recreation fields, and amenities

Permitted Hunting Areas

*Permission to access areas must be obtained at City Manager’s Office at : 10 Robertson St. **Requires proof of valid hunting license

Points of Interest

Point layer of boats ramps and points of historic interest

Address Points

Point layer of address information

Building Footprints

Polygon layer of residential, commercial, and industrial building. Some secondary structures.


Radford parcel boundaries.

Tax Accounts
Radford property boundaries (made up of one or more parcels).


Road layer has city maintained and VDOT roads (within city limits only)

Railroad Track

Line layer of track location in Radford


Solid Waste Collection


Line layer of significant streams, creeks, and rivers.


Polygon layer of current zoning locations

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