Hiring/Testing Process


  1.  Complete a City Application
  2. Physical Agility and Strength Test (for sworn positions)
  3. Written Pre-Employment Examination (Virginia certified officers will not be required to take the written exam)
  4. Oral Review Board
    1. As a general rule the Oral Review Board shall consist of at least three (3) members of the Radford City Police Department, but no more than four (4) members shall sit on an oral review board.
    2. The Deputy Chief of Police or his/her designee will inform the Oral Review Board members of the responsibilities and requirements of the position to be filled.  Copies of the applications of the candidates will also be provided to the Oral Review Board members prior to the interview.
    3. Following the interview, the Oral Review Board shall attempt to reach a consensus as to those applicants that will be selected for employment, with the final decision being the responsibility of the Chief of Police.
    4. The Board shall interview in a consistent manner, which is standard for all applicants.
    5. Scores will be given based upon but not be limited to the following areas:
      1. Appearance
      2. General aptitude 
      3. Verbal communication skills
      4. Attitude 
      5. Assertiveness
      6. General knowledge 
      7. Courtesy 
      8. Reasoning ability 
      9. Stress management 
      10. Special knowledge of position
      11. Experience and education
  5. Conditional Offer of Employment pending results of further screening processes
  6. Background Investigation

A thorough background investigation will include:

  1. Candidate's driving record 
  2. Criminal background check, including fingerprinting
  3. Reference checks, including secondary references
  4. Neighborhood canvas of residential location
  5. Credit history
  6. Polygraph
  7. Drug screen
  8. Psychological testing
  9. Final interview with Chief who will make the final hiring decision
  10. Final offer of employment