Radford Transit: Transit Strategic Plan Update


The Virginia Department of Rail and Public transportation (DRPT) requires public transit agencies operating in urban areas to develop a Transit Strategic Plan (TSP) to ensure transit agencies evaluate and update their transit service on a frequent basis and respond to changes in demand. A TSP provides transit agencies an opportunity to reimagine their transit service and will serve as a strategic blueprint for desired changes to improve the transit system for the community’s mobility needs. Radford Transit’s TSP will serve as the key planning document shaping Radford Transit service for the next 10 years.


The TSP will occur over the next 12 months. There will be several opportunities for riders and residents alike to provide thoughts and comments! Please check back later for additional updates in the coming months.


For questions related to Radford Transit or the Transit Strategic Plan, please contact Melissa.Skelton@radfordva.gov.

Online Community Survey!

Scan QR Code, click the link below, or request a paper copy by contacting Melissa.Skelton@radfordva.gov