Accident Reports

Individuals and insurance companies can retrieve accident reports online. Information needed is the accident report number, date of accident, and last name of driver. The cost of the report is $9. Reports may not be available until 5 business days after the accident.

Background Checks

Criminal background checks can be completed by the Records Manager. These are for a record of Radford City Police Department arrests only. An official criminal history must be obtained from the Virginia State Police. Information on the cost and how to obtain a criminal history can be found online.

Criminal Records

To obtain a criminal record from the Radford City Department of Police, you must come to the Department and bring two forms of identification, one of which must be a photo ID. The only other person allowed to get a copy of your information would be your legal counsel and then your record would only be released when a notarized, signed consent form is given to us by your attorney. The following request form (PDF) may be downloaded and filled out prior to coming to the department.

Transparency Documents

The Radford City Police Department strives to be as transparent as possible, not only with our crime data, but also with information about the department and available resources that can assist our citizens.  Crime prevention is an essential function every law enforcement agency provides to their community. Below you will find documents that are available that show a weekly blotter noting reportable incidents in our community, as well as our monthly crime map.
 **Monthly reports will be updated mid-month after submission to the state has been finalized.**

Weekly Reportable Incident Crime Blotter: 

February 5-11, 2024

Monthly Crime Statistics (Incident Based Reporting):

July, 2023

Crime Map:

March, 2023
Monthly Statistical Report:
Second Quarter: April-June

2022 Internal Affairs Summary:
2022 IA Summary
Community Policing Data Act:
1st Quarter, 2023
2021 Community Survey Report