Traffic Crash Reconstruction Team

The Radford City Police Department is dedicated to the investigation of all traffic crashes, from the minor fender bender to those that result in property damage or loss of life. When any accident occurs in the City of Radford, a state FR-300 accident report is filed and submitted to the state of Virginia.

The Police Department’s Traffic Crash Reconstruction Team (TCRT), led by Lieutenant Wilburn, is called to investigate traffic crashes which occur in the city that result in major property damage, severe bodily injury or in the event of a fatality. The team is subject to call out day or night.
Blue Ridge Transportation Safety Board Regional Crash Investigation Team
Basic Training
The basic training for the TCRT members included a rigorous 2 week course on Basic Crash Reconstruction, a one week course on Advanced Crash Reconstruction, motorcycle accident training, grade crossing collision, and other specialties.

Blue Ridge Regional TCRT
The TRCT is skilled in determining the cause(s) which lead to major crashes. This includes determining speed, condition of the driver at the time of the accident, mechanical faults, weather condition effects and investigation of all all causative factors. The TCRT is a member of the Blue Ridge Regional Traffic Crash Investigation Team. The team consists of the following departments:
  • Blacksburg Police Department
  • Christiansburg Police Department
  • Montgomery County Sheriffs’ Office
  • Radford City Police Department
  • Virginia State Police
  • Virginia Tech Police Department
The teams work individually within their jurisdiction but are often called upon, in part or in whole, to assist other team member agencies in traffic crash reconstruction. The teams are furnished with advanced instruments and technology for carrying out their mission.