Gym & Track

Facts & Regulations
  • Only nonmarking athletic shoes may be worn, to protect the floor.
  • Dunking or rim hanging will not be permitted.
  • During busy times, only half court games will be allowed.
  • 12 laps in the center track equals one mile.
  • Only children of walking age will be permitted on the track.
  • Strollers will be permitted on the track only during times of low use.
  • During busy times the inside track lane is for slow walkers, the center lane is for fast walkers, and the outside lane will be for joggers/runners.
  • On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday the walking direction will be clockwise (turn right when entering track) and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday the walking direction will be counter clockwise (turn left when entering track.)
  • Only water in spill proof containers will be allowed inside the gymnasium during scheduled activities. No food will be allowed.
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