Community Meeting Room Policy

Use of the Community Meeting Room at the Radford Public Library will be subject to the following regulations:

  • Library functions will have priority over any other use of the room. City of Radford government agencies have second priority. Non-profit community groups may use the meeting room at no charge.
  • The meeting room is available for public gatherings of a civic, cultural, educational, or religious nature. Political gatherings with the purpose of holding a public candidate forum are also acceptable (but not candidate fundraisers).
  • No admission fee may be charged for meetings. 
  • Private and social gatherings (such as birthday parties, wedding/baby showers) are not allowed.
  • All meetings held in the library meeting room must be open to the public.
  • Organizations that are commercial will pay $15 per hour for use of the meeting room and will be held to the meeting room policy. Retail sales (buying or selling) are prohibited unless approved by the Library.
  • Reservations for the room will not be made any further than 3 months ahead of time; regularly scheduled meetings must be renewed at 3-month intervals to give new users an equal chance at reserving the room. 
  • No group may reserve a room for more than 52 times in a single year or 5 days in a single month unless a program is being offered in partnership with RPL.
  • Meetings may involve no more than 50 people per room, as directed by the Radford Fire Department.
  • Generally, meetings should coincide with the normal operating hours of the public library. Meetings that run past closing time or begin before opening time must make prior arrangements to do so. In such cases, the group will be responsible for ensuring that the doors are locked and the lights turned off before leaving. Groups that require a key to enter will be responsible for picking up the key ahead of time and returning it the next day.
  • All groups using the meeting room will assume responsibility for any damage to the room or its contents. Groups are responsible for their own set up of chairs and tables, and must clean up and return the room to the condition in which they found it within their reserved time. The room should be left in a neat and orderly condition. Groups will be held responsible for damages to any library facilities including the public restrooms and also including furniture, carpeting, window shades and technology equipment.  Violation of these policies may result in denial of future room usage.
  • Use of the community room must not interfere with, impede or disrupt the public’s normal use of the Library.  Loud talk or any use of the room that disturbs in any way the library or library users is prohibited. No signs, poster, displays, or decorations may be put up without prior permission.
  • The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the public library does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Library or administration of the group’s policies or beliefs.
  • Arrangements for the use of equipment need to be made ahead of time (prior to the reservation date) with library staff.
  • Large groups (greater than 15 people) will arrange for parking that does not impede the parking of patrons of the library.
  • If the meeting room is vacant, individuals may sign up with library staff to use the room as a quiet space.
  • Groups may not leave items in the meeting room without the permission of the Director. The library will not be responsible to any damage or theft of items stored.
  • The library may, at the Director's discretion, co-sponsor certain programs held in the library or community. Criteria used to determine co-sponsorship of program will be the same used to determine use of the meeting room. Staff will be involved in the planning or participation of a program the library is co-sponsoring. The library will promote the program it is co-sponsoring.

Storytime Room

The Storytime Room is designed for library children’s programs and these shall have first priority for use of this room. If the room is not being used for a library program, other groups or individuals may use the room subject to the following rules:

  • No more than 12 people may meet in the room at one time.
  • All meetings in the room must coincide with the library’s public service hours.
  • All other rules for the use of the Community Meeting Room that apply shall be enforced.